Welcome to the Lake District Søhøjlandet

Nestled in the heart of Denmark, the Lake District Søhøjlandet is the highest situated region in the country. It’s a land of luxuriant woodlands, soaring summits, and clean, deep lakes. The towns of Silkeborg, Skanderborg, and Ry are the jewels of this region, offering a blend of urban life and natural beauty.

The Towns and Their Charm

  • Silkeborg: Known as Denmark’s Outdoor Capital, Silkeborg is surrounded by stunning nature.
  • Skanderborg: A gem encircled by lakes and forests, Skanderborg offers breathtaking scenery.
  • Ry: Another beautiful town that adds to the charm of the Lake District.

You can even take the historic ship Hjejlen between these towns, gliding over the lakes and absorbing the beauty of the region.

Forests, Lakes, Hills, and Valleys

Nearly a third of the Lake District is covered by woodland, making it a perfect destination for hiking, mountain biking, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Rent a canoe, kayak, or bike to explore the unique scenery on land and water.

The ‘Mountains’ of the Lake District

  • Ejer Bavnehøj: The highest natural point in Denmark, offering magnificent views.
  • Himmelbjerget: Meaning ‘the sky mountain,’ it’s the most well-known ‘mountain’ in Denmark.
  • The Seven Summits: A great destination for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

The Gudenåen Stream and the Many Lakes

Sail on the Gudenåen stream, Denmark’s only river, aboard the world’s oldest coal-fired paddle steamer, ‘Hjejlen.’ Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or swimming in the lakes with sandy beaches and wooden piers.

The Forests Invite You Out – All Year Round!

The Lake District is Denmark’s largest woodland. Witness different animal species such as roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, and various bird species. Enjoy fishing if you have a license and a rod!

Plan Your Trip to the Lake District

  • Where, How, and When?: Find maps, folders, information, and inspiration.
  • Eat and Drink: Discover the best restaurants, cafés, and local specialties.
  • Find Accommodation: Choose from hotels, camping, B&Bs, or something unique.
  • Sightseeing: Get local recommendations, guided tours, and explore on your own.

Major Events in the Lake District

Don’t miss the biggest events like the Riverboat Jazzfestival and other cultural happenings.

Tips for Your Trip

  • Top Natural Wonders: Explore outdoor activities, museums, and cultural sites.
  • The Mountains of the Lake District: Visit Himmelbjerget and the Seven Summits.
  • Museums and Culture: Explore Museum Jorn, Tollundmanden, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad.

Specific Travel Suggestions

  1. Take a Hiking Trip with Kids: A family-friendly adventure in the Lake District.
  2. Walking Holiday: Experience a walking holiday in Denmark’s Lake District.
  3. Guided Tours: Book a private guided tour for an enriched experience.


What is Lake District Søhøjlandet known for?

Lake District Søhøjlandet is renowned for its luxuriant woodlands, soaring summits, clean, deep lakes, and charming towns like Silkeborg, Skanderborg, and Ry. It’s a hub for outdoor activities and offers beautiful landscapes, including the highest ‘mountains’ in Denmark.

How do I get to Lake District Søhøjlandet from Copenhagen?

You can reach Lake District Søhøjlandet from Copenhagen by train, bus, or car. The train journey offers a comfortable and scenic route, while driving provides the flexibility to explore the region at your own pace.

What are the top attractions in Lake District Søhøjlandet?

The top attractions include:

  • The ‘mountains’ like Ejer Bavnehøj and Himmelbjerget
  • The Gudenåen stream and interconnected lakes
  • Towns of Silkeborg, Skanderborg, and Ry
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and canoeing

Can I go hiking in the Lake District?

Yes, hiking is a popular activity in the Lake District. With nearly a third of the area covered by woodland, there are plenty of trails for both beginners and experienced hikers.

What are the best activities for families in the area?

Families can enjoy:

  • Canoeing or kayaking on the lakes
  • Visiting museums and cultural sites
  • Taking a ride on the historic ship Hjejlen
  • Exploring the towns and enjoying local cuisine

What is the best time to visit Lake District Søhøjlandet?

The best time to visit depends on your preferences. Spring and summer offer warm weather and lush landscapes, while autumn provides beautiful foliage. Winter can be a unique experience with snow-covered scenery.

Are there accommodations available within the Lake District?

Yes, accommodations range from hotels and B&Bs to camping sites, offering options for different budgets and preferences.

How do I reach the highest ‘mountains’ in the Lake District?

You can reach the highest ‘mountains’ like Ejer Bavnehøj by car or bike, and there are also hiking trails leading to these points.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in the Lake District?

Outdoor activities include hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and exploring scenic landscapes.

Are guided tours available in the Lake District?

Yes, guided tours are available, offering insights into the region’s history, culture, and natural beauty. You can book private guided tours or join group tours for various experiences.



The Lake District Søhøjlandet is not just a destination; it’s an experience that resonates with the soul. Whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or someone seeking peace, this wilderness gem has something for everyone. So pack your bags and let’s explore the unexplored! 🌍

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